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Over many years, I have been Programming for College, High school and Youth athletics. This programming has also included individual clients and athletes, including Bodybuilding, Figure, Bikini and Physique competitors. This has allowed for hundreds of training programs to have been created, developing a with a coaching perspective draws form experiences with teams and individuals, as well as other colleagues, and coaches and trainers who I have worked under, worked alongside and managed. These training programs have addressed off season, in season, pre and post season, diet and mass accumulation phases as well as individual workouts to address very client specific goals. Some of these workouts, ranging from the basic template to a 16 week, comprehensive, day by day routine will be edited and made avail for purchase here Soon. As I edit the team booklets and pamphlets, and sift though the programs I feel have been the most successful, I will design them to be email/printer friendly so they can be available to those who are not able to be coached by me directly or work with me one on one in my studio